Sunday, November 28, 2010

Documentary Prepro-

Purpose: The love for soccer/ Inspirations

Contacts: Dad, Mom, Little brother, Leroy Miranda, Naomi Tuite.

 -Who got you into playing soccer?

-How long have you played soccer?

-What challenges did you have to overcome?

-What position did/do you play?

-If you had the chance to pick any team to play on, what team would you play for?

General Flow: It'll start of with a couple pictures of soccer balls. Then I will start on asking the talents questions about the sport. Put some B-roll in with some soccer clips and trophies and medals etc. End can be of a LS of an empty soccer field and me saying something inspirational like "and now the dream for me has begun to go and have the knowledge of three skilled players and put it to the test."

Shot List: CU for interviews. CU on trophies and pictures. LS of a soccer field. CU on a soccer ball to show what piece is about.

Scripts: Soccer is an internationally played sport and I know three people that it has really impacted and absolutely love to watch as well as play the game. Now lets hear a little bit about them and what got them into the sport of soccer...

Intro: Soccer ball sitting on soccer field

Closing: Soccer ball at rest then swift kick off screen 

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  1. Ricky, you need to broaden the scope of people you interview beyond your family. Find a coach, college student or some other "expert" to discuss the game.