Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baraka Film Questions

1. I think the film was named Baraka, a.k.a. "breath" because it shows all the different environments the people in the film live in. For example one place was in a jungle environment which is a lot different from a city landscape like New York.

2. The film shows how civilizations and the changes half the world have done in order to be modern to the 21st century. It also shows how religion/ beliefs have kept other indigenous tribes and groups the same as they have been for thousands of years.
Tibetan buddhist monks prayer near Swayambunath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

3. I get the feeling that the director of "Baraka" was trying to show how people try making the world a better place for others by making technological discoveries or better businesses to evolve the human race. On the other hand there are civilizations that feel they must evolve with the earth and wait for it to reach its own perfection instead of trying to do it themselves.

4. The body language, expressions and tribal chants were able to do something words can't explain, life. Baraka was able to show different environments throughout the world and how people live today whether or not they live in tropical landscapes or in cities that never sleep.It also made you wonder where the producers were filming.

5. When the film would go from a tropical environment to a city environment it made me think of how humans have destroyed landscapes filled with the lives of animals and can easily make new buildings for big corporations whether or not the land belongs to somebody. The indigenous tribes have learned to live within jungles and it would seem to them we're pretty spoiled.

Amazon tribe in BrazilSao Paulo, Brazil

6. A possible interpretation of the monk and the cigarette factor is how things are different in other countries. Cigarettes kill people and monks treat every living thing with the respect of as if it was an actual person. The monks religion and spirituality makes them appreciate the small things in life, which is also another reason I think the film directors named the film "Baraka".

7. It makes the modern day civilization think of how much we actually have and the opportunities we have like school for example. A lot of kids in other countries don't have the ability to go to school and kids that go to school complain about it.

8. The chants really stood out to me because it made me realize how all the different countries have different religions and beliefs as well as rituals they have to their god or gods. Unusual performance of Kecak (Balinese Monkey Chant) at temple in Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia

9. I think we watched Baraka so we can look at all of the transitions and get a good look at really smooth editing as well as the idea of all the different groups of people in the world. I think my editing would have eventually gotten better overtime but I think i got a better idea of advanced editing. Yeah this film really makes me want to travel because I'd like to go and see all the differences that are between the United States and other countries.

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  1. Great observations on the film. Interesting to see how the film creates meaning through its portrayal of environments.

    Keep it up!