Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amelie film

1.  The director uses close up shots in the film to show more and get into the action. For example in the shot below, the director tilts the camera a little bit and gets into a close up to show action in the scene.

2.  The movements in the shot are very stylized lie when the train is zooming by the camera. While the train is going by the camera, the camera starts shaking and shows the power of the train when it goes by. 

 3. Some symbolic implications shown in the film that got my attention were the animations. For example, after Amalie leaves the blind man he starts to glow. An when the guy at the photo booth sees Amalie and you can see her heart beating and glowing as well.


 4. The director uses motion quite well and uses close ups to work them into the film giving it a very unique look to it. The director will have a shot of the actor or actors and zoom right into the action.