Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sound Treatment

 One nerd kid named Ernie is bullied by two mean guys at his school for the past few months

The third month of school Ernie never shows up and is said to have committed suicide.

The two bullies hear of this news but don't seem to be  phased by the news until the fourth month.

Soon enough the two guys start feeling like they are being followed by somebody but they can never turn fast enough to catch that person... who really isn't there.

What they don't know is they are being haunted by Ernie's ghost.

Soon Ernie starts really messing with their heads by moving stuff they set down to different spots in the room.

The bullies are really starting to worry about themselves because they think they're starting to go crazy.

Ernie starts showing himself to the bullies to start scaring them. Which ends up working and has the two guys begging to be left alone and sorry for what they had done.

The following day the boys don't seem to be being haunted and feel relieved until the night time when Ernie kills one of the bullies by possessing him and stabbing himself.

The other bully hears of this and comes to conclusion that he is next on Ernie's list and ends up killing himself.


1 comment:

  1. 1) What is the INTENT of the scene? (what is the scene used for dramatically)
    The purpose of the film could be to raise awareness of bullies to the community.

    2) What are the PLOT POINTS? (points that move the story forward)
    The major plot points in the film are when the main character Ernie, is being bullied by the kids at school; And then also when he comes back as a ghost to haunt the bullies.

    3. What is the CLIMAX of each scene? (what is the turning point)
    The climax of the film is when the bullies start going crazy and they realize that they should bully anymore.

    4.What is the RESOLUTION? (how does the scene end)
    The resolution is when the ghost gets one of the bullies and the other bully finds out that he’s next on the list.

    5. What is the CONCLUSION? (how does the scene end)
    The conclusion is when the second bully finds out he’s on the list.

    6) What are the important LINES OF DIALOGUE? (contain story points)
    The important lines of dialogue are when the Ernie the ghost goes after his bullies.

    7) Which character CONTROLS the scene? (who pushes the story forward)
    The ghost pushes the story forward by going after the bullies.

    8. What suggestions do you have to improve the narrative?
    I think that the story could involve some more changes to advance it a bit more.