Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Willy is a 14 year old who has just moved to a new town. He’s always been the weird kid on the block and has never been able to have ever made a real friend. But something about this town gives Willy hope because animals seem to love him and follow him everywhere.

A dog named Whiskers seems to take the biggest liking to Willy. Willy seems to have made a friend that actually likes to hang out with him and isn’t shy to be with him in public. They hang out everyday and do everything together, play, eat, sleep and so on.

But one day Willy wakes up to find his room a total mess. His pants are all over the place and Whiskers is no where to be found. He goes outside in the backyard and finds Whiskers outside eating the bag of cookies he had left in his back pocket.

Willy becomes very sad and has lost his only friend... or had he thought. Willy goes to look up and sees Whiskers walking toward him. Whiskers sits down and stares at Willy. This time Willy doesn’t have cookies in his back pocket and has found a true friend.


  1. Very traditional. Its always nice to see the ending were they live happily ever after. many times they fall in love but in this cases you chose not to do the obvious ending instead you let them stay friends.

  2. This seems very simple and easy to produce. I like the plot of this, and it sounds like it will be a very good movie.

  3. I like the concept and the way you describe the plot. The ending is classic and I feel like you could add something so it's not common.